Friends of Volunteering Central

We warmly invite you to become a Friend of Volunteering Central!

We are making some changes to our Friends programme.  In an ongoing effort to create our own sustainable funding sources, and to also provide more focused support to the community organisations ,  we now require all community organisations wishing to promote volunteer roles with us to become Registered Friends of Volunteering Central.

What does this mean?

Volunteering Central will require organisations wishing to promote volunteer roles on our database to pay an annual registration fee.

What does it cost to become a Registered Friend of Volunteering Central?

The annual registration fee is $50 +GST.

Is there a discount for organisations with multiple branches across Otago?

Yes!  For organisations that have multiple branches listed under the same number on the Charities Register it will cost $50 for the first organisation and $25 for each additional organisation.

What are the services and benefits we will receive as a Registered Friend?

As a Registered Friend, in addition to promoting your volunteer roles, we will provide your organisation with dedicated information, resources and support around volunteer programme management.  There are four main benefits for Registered Friends:

1. Support Promoting Your Volunteer Roles

We will provide support to promote your volunteer roles by listing them on our online database.

We will share the HTML and URL links to your volunteer page listed on our online database so you can embed this in your own website, and easily share the volunteer role with your own online networks via email, Facebook, e-newsletters and more.

We will add your own customized automatic email response to new volunteers.  This will allow you to send volunteers notification of when they can expect contact from you, and provide them with any further information you would like them to know at their first contact with your organisation.  This is a great feature if you know you may not be able to immediately respond to new volunteers.

We will send you a detailed profile of volunteers who apply for roles you promote through our database.  In addition to basic contact information, the detailed profile provides more information, such as their motivations for volunteering, skills, experience, interests and hobbies.

2. Discounted rates for workshops

We offer Friends a discounted rate to attend our various workshops throughout the year. The discount rates vary for each workshop, due to the varying costs for us to host workshops.

3. Resources for Volunteer Managers

People who work with volunteers in your organisation will have access to our lending library of books, publications and DVDs.  We can also meet with you to chat about your volunteer programme management needs and how we can better support your organisation in this area.

4. Substantial Savings through Rothbury Insurance

Your organisation will qualify to receive substantial savings through Rothbury Insurance. The insurance savings from Rothbury will most likely be much more than your Registered Friend cost. When Volunteering Otago switched to Rothbury Insurance in 2011, we saved over $500 on the annual insurance fee, so it is worth investigating!

How do we become Friends of Volunteering Central?

That’s easy: Contact us and let us know!