Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Volunteer South – Central Lakes seeks to celebrate, support, highlight and motivate volunteering in the Central Otago Lakes District. We increase the capacity of community organisations that rely on volunteers by connecting them with people who are willing to offer their skills and energy. We provide training, advice, advocacy, resources and recognition for individuals and community organisations involved in volunteering.

Our Vision

Supportive interdependent communities where volunteering is recognised and respected, is life-enhancing for the individual, and advances the common good.

Our Values 


We empower people to achieve rewarding and beneficial volunteering experiences for them and the community. We empower organisations to provide rewarding and beneficial volunteering experiences for people in the community.


We recognise the diversity of volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations and are open to everyone.


 We act ethically, openly and transparently in all that we do.

Common Good

We work for the common good of our community.