Is your organisation looking for volunteers?  We can help you source great volunteers to help your organisation achieve its goals. 99% of the organisations we work with are non-profit, however if you feel you have a great role that benefits volunteers and the wider community then please call us to discuss your needs.


Our organisation needs volunteers. What’s the process?

  1. Register with us.  You can register online or you if you prefer to meet up and chat we can arrange a suitable time.
  2. List your Individual Volunteer Opportunities with us.  Each different role will require a different Volunteer Role Form.
  3. We will be in contact with you to verify your information and to ensure we have correctly represented the volunteer roles you want us to promote.
  4. Then we will work to promote your roles online, in our offices, and around the community.  We will also target specific audiences that may be well suited to your role.
  5. When someone indicates interest in the volunteer role you have listed, we will send you an email to let you know.  We will also pass on your contact information to prospective volunteers.
  6. When you receive an email notifying you about a volunteer who is interested in helping your organisation, please get in touch with them as soon as possible.
  7. It is up to your organisation to determine whether interested individuals will be a good fit as volunteers for your organisation.  We highly encourage best practices in volunteer management.